WIRN networking event - Shared screen with speaker view
Katie Nicoll Baines
How are you measuring if the unconscious bias training is actually helping? There’s a lot of studies that show unconscious bias training just serves to confirm people’s bias rather than training them to stop being biased.
Thank you. and if we do move on, how would we be able to establish previous contributions, on previous published papers? Although I know that isn't an argument for maintaining the status quo
Stacy Robertson
Thank you for your presentation. How best can people highlight their contributions in a CV concisely - it is unlikely that recruiters are going to open each paper in turn to read recognition statements but space is often limited for CVs
Laura Machesky
It often seems the the larger the teams get, the more resources get focussed toward the “rock stars” (heads of even larger teams) rather than the credit getting spread around to everyone. How can we move away from considering that the “team leader” was really the only person who made a real contribution? The network idea sounds like a good start- but we still have a long way to go…
Anna Morris
Thank you for mentioning skills specialists- the support network to the PI and other post docs/ PhDs is often vital to getting the project done. How can we improve their recognition so that it makes an impact for their career (most are on short term contracts so difficult to build 'reputation'), and not just providing supporting the early career researchers (usually reserved for PhDs/ new post docs)?
Thanks for your presentation. Recognition to each people’s contribution is the start. This is because Posts at facilities are limited. PI positions are even more limited. Are there any idea for alternative career progression for postdoc in academia?
Stacy Robertson
How do you deal with different discipline norms? I believe some disciplines have reverse authorship (first - PI and everyone after). Is it journal specific and rely on CRediT taxonomy underwriting contributions?
Eileen Devaney
Is the report available on line?
Holly Kerr
Thank you for your talk! In your 2 yearly reviews, are you considering how the positive change in recognition of team science is perhaps helping to increase diversity and help progress the careers of underrepresented groups in research?
Katie Nicoll Baines
Lubna Nasir
thanks Katie for sharing
Fergus Brown
Brilliant session. Thank you Anne and also Chris for hosting!