Symposiusm on Urban Water Governance - Shared screen with speaker view
Poppy Lamberton
Hi Yohannes, In these communities, the public toilets tend to be the ones built to the ‘improved latrine’ standard and these are available to all, but they are located near the market, school etc and people living in the physical and social peripheries, so qualitatively maybe, but from a private latrine situation, only the wealthier people would have these.
Poppy Lamberton
We will have quantitative data on this, but I don’t know the values off the top of my head, but I can certainly let you know when the papers are published, or submitted for publication and send you them.
Yohannes Kachenje
Okay, thanks Poppy
I appreciated your statement that water is contested and therefore political. I wondered if you felt the same would apply to sanitation?
Reuben Akili
What has been the role of World Bank and IMF in influencing water policy framework?