Symposiusm on Urban Water Governance - Shared screen with speaker view
Poppy Lamberton
The importance of having function, and locally supportable ways for reporting faults. And way forwards to test different types of reporting, and also qualitative and quantitative studies on what people want for this, and how they work when being trialled.
Hanan El-Amin - Sudan
Regular presentations like this to be demonstrated.. In addition we read more focus on strategies and policies.
Mwajuma Salum
The symposium has really improved my understanding about water governance in Tanzania and experiencing from other contexts
It is invigorating and informative to bring different expertise round a table for discussion - keep dialogue open
Hanan El-Amin - Sudan
Regular presentations like this to be demonstrated.. In addition we need more focus on strategies and policies.
Herbert Kashililah
Very informative we need collating evidence and knowledge across the themes that need further studies
ladder of accountability, I will get back to those notes, camera needs to be left to do its own work, I missed yesterday so sorry but will watch the recording, in today's I benefited from technologies and challenges of upscaling and ownership to the community. In my work with Neil thinking of the link between those trust and influence.
Hanan El-Amin - Sudan
Very informative, and knowledgeable and concrete topics has been touched.
let us keep in touch! and continue to collaborate.
Galaxy A30
Very insightful symposium. I recommend the knowledge be shared to communities from primary education to higher learning istitutions during environmental sessions.
Said maneno massawa
When we meet and present frequently, then we will intergrate well water, sanitation and hygien issues and solve the global problems in sustainable way
Yohannes Kachenje
The shared findings are really interesting and provide a very important entry for further research and intervention on sustainable WASH. Sharing these around this network and further follow-up communication and sharing of new researches is an important for progress. Keep in touch.
J.K iPhone
Let’s indeed keep collaborating
Nakandi Florence [COTFONE]
I propose all CSOs in sanitation Fraternity should combain and make astanding voice and policies that can help the system to go on next step ,ranging from local and international level as well as giving regular updates. Greetings from Uganda
Maria Angoro-A.E.E
The importance of Evidence and data in influencing policy, politics and water is quite key because it brings out much emphasis in my country and affects implimentation of projects if not handled well
Poppy Lamberton
Thank you so much and this format of shorter talks with more discussion time was so much better than the normal spilt the other way around. I will definitely be adopting this in the future! And great chairing!!! Huge congrats to all the organisers. And so lovely to meet you all.
Maria Angoro-A.E.E
thank you for the informative knowledge sharing
Galaxy A30
Also more research on this will help inform policy sectors especially for developing countries like Tanzania
Nakandi Florence [COTFONE]
But thanks so much for research it has really done and will change mindset of individuals and institutions